How To Schedule A Post On Facebook?

How To Schedule A Post On Facebook?

You may be new to social media management or been at it for a while but are not sure how to schedule a post on Facebook or why you should even consider scheduling your posts.

Like all serious and productive entrepreneurs and digital marketers, you wear many hats and are often busy.

This means that finding time to post on Facebook is often a struggle and you may find yourself posting on a whim or forgetting altogether.

Posting on the spot does not augur well for your brand as you may not be able to give your content much thought and align it to your marketing goals.

Scheduling Facebook posts can ensure that you post consistently while maintaining quality and brand alignment. You will also reach a wider audience as planning and choosing times outside your waking and working hours will help you grab the attention of Facebook users who are outside your time zone.

So how do you schedule a post on Facebook?

It’s quite simple and can be done right from your Facebook page or a reliable third-party scheduling tool like  Chirp Media You can also track your scheduled posts and edit if information changes. Before you implement the following steps, ensure that your Facebook page is set up as a Business page.


Step 1: Go To Publishing Tools

Log into the desired Business Facebook page and select ‘Publishing Tools’ in the left column. A new window will open that looks like this:

Click the blue ‘Create a post’ tab beside the Publishing Tools column.

Step 2: Write Your Post

Your window will now look like this:

Within this window, you can create content as you usually would. Add images, links or videos if you like. If you have linked your Instagram account to your Facebook page (we strongly suggest that you do), then you can cross-post to that platform. Take note that you will need to include a photo to enable the Instagram share option but you can’t currently share a post to Instagram from Facebook if it includes multiple images or a video. Additionally, bear in mind that the post caption will be the same on both platforms so be careful when writing it.

Step 3: Choose Your Date and Time

Now that you’ve decided on your content, it’s time to schedule the post.

Under ‘News Feed’, click the small arrow next to ‘Share Now’ and select Schedule.

This will open the calendar and time interface. From here, click the calendar beside the date. A dropdown calendar will appear. Select the date you want the post to appear in your feed. Next, change the time to your required hour. When you are satisfied, click schedule at the bottom right of the window.

And that’s it! Your post has been scheduled. Do this for a few more posts and you’ll realize how time-saving scheduling can be.

If you want to edit or delete a post that you have scheduled:

  1. Go back to Publishing Tools, select Scheduled Post in the left column. A window will pop up with all your scheduled posts. Choose the one you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit to change the content of your post or use the small arrow to publish, reschedule or delete it.


Using Chirp To Schedule A Facebook Post

As mentioned earlier, you can also schedule Facebook posts through social media management tools like Chirp.

Chirp not only allows you to schedule posts but track the performance of all activities across your social networks. This way, you can control your audiences and target markets in one, simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

Whether you choose to schedule posts using your Facebook page or a social media scheduling tool, be consistent with the habit to save time, improve your campaign performance and build your brand.



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