Use Tools To Automate Tasks

Why Do You Need To Use Tools To Automate Tasks?


Social media marketing is a task that requires dedication and time. If you only take care of these tasks, then you have to be extremely organized to be able to publish and share interesting content on a continuous basis. Although it may be tough, social media marketing has its rewards, which is why you decide to move on for the good of your business.

The good news is that there are certain tasks that you can automate. There are certain parts of the process that remain the same as the writing part where you have to use all your ingenuity to create captivating titles for your articles or publications. However, other tasks such as content publishing can be scheduled using tools. These are simple tasks, but they can save you valuable time and even be of help in a pinch (for example, if you are not near your mobile device when you have to make a publication). In this article we highlight the importance of using tools to automate tasks in your social media marketing strategy.

Key Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing Tools

  1. Post content related to your brand

Consistency is one of the keys when publishing content on social networks such as a company or brand. To do this, you must take into account the values and personality of the brand. The content you publish must align with one of those values or, in any case, with the main objective of the company.

By maintaining consistency in the content you publish, you not only ensure that your followers can identify the brand, but that you communicate directly with your target audience. Creating content that interests your target audience is one of the main goals when doing social media marketing. If the user immediately notices content that does not interest him, they simply click on the indicated button to stop being a follower.

One of the tools you can use to locate interesting content to share on your blog or the most talked about topics is Feedly . With this application you can have all the new articles from your favorite websites in one place, avoiding having to review each site one by one.

  1. Have control over your strategy

Automation tools do not only allow you to keep your content consistent, but they also ensure you greater control over your marketing strategy. There are a variety of tools and depending on which ones you decide to use, you can have control over the type of content you publish, the hours of publication and the social networks where the content is published. Chirp is one of the best social media management tools out there that can achieve this for you.

All of these points are relevant to your marketing strategy. For example, after evaluating the activity of your pages on social networks, you come to the conclusion that the appropriate publication hours vary according to the social network. In this case, you must make use of a tool that allows you to schedule your publications; in this way you have more opportunities for the published content to have a greater reach.


  1. Social Media Management Tools Saves time

This is probably the main reason why social media management tools are used to automate processes. They simply allow you to save time when performing certain tasks.

Ultimately, social media management or marketing is an activity that requires dedication. You should look for interesting content to share, as well as the most talked about topics in order to create content. Then you  must do the research and writing task and finally, when you have the article ready to be published, you must find the most appropriate time to do it. The process is made faster if you use automation tools in the phases where it is possible. The time you save can be better used in the content writing phase or in the creation of graphics for your profiles on social networks. Or you can just use it to review and reply to comments on social media.

What to Consider When Marketing Content On Social Media

  1. Post at the right time

Not only is it enough to choose interesting content but to publish it at the right time. The time range may vary according to your target audience and the specific social network you choose. You can perform several experiments to verify which are the times in which there is more activity in the company profile.

You should also take into account the time zone of your followers. On Facebook, people from all countries can follow you, even if your business is local. This is a good sign, as it is an indicator that the content you publish is interesting.

Another point to take into account is the number of times you must post on each social network. It is a fact that Twitter users usually enter and post several times a day. Due to the way Twitter works, you might also want to post multiple times a day.

  1. Use analytics tools

Once you have established your presence on social media, it’s time to assess the impact using analytics tools . This will allow you to know if you are meeting the short-term objectives that you have set for yourself in your marketing strategy, depending on the result of the evaluation you can make adjustments to your current strategy.

The most relevant data depends largely on the specific objective you have set as a goal. For example, if your goal is to obtain a greater number of followers, you would have to focus your strategy on publishing interesting content or perhaps organizing a contest. On the other hand, if you want to make a greater number of sales you can offer promotions for a limited time and advertise them on social networks. Or create articles where you can subtly sell your product or service as a solution to a specific problem.

Best Social Media Management Tools

Sometimes we speak indistinctly about social networks or social media, but to tell the truth, social networks are only one part of the great gear of Social Media, which includes many other elements, such as, for example, blogs, and everything that surrounds them.

When it comes to proposing strategies in this field, we can find endless tools that will help us in their implementation, development and good results. Today, we present to you tool that we consider essential and that we are sure will be of great help when implementing your social media strategy.

Chirps – #1 Social media management software

Chirps is a simplified social media management tool that allows you to maximize the performance of your content, as well as the interaction on it. Chirps offer an easy and intuitive option that can help you in your social media management planning. With Chirps social media management tool,  you can be sure of  saving  time and optimizing your social profile across all social networks. Chirps include visually planning, scheduling posts and automation throughout social networks.

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